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Our Storage Prices are cheap & affordable from just over $2.50 a Day

Our storage prices are very competitive. We have the best prices when compared with other storage facilities on the North Shore. An extra ten minutes on the motorway can save you a fortune.

The cost of storage can be extremely affordable and actually very cheap when you offset the cost against a business or to help you get a better price when you sell your home, by de-cluttering. That’s what the professionals do – it’s no secret!

The cost of a storage unit is a considerably better proposition than buying a bigger house just to create more space. Perhaps you run your own business and have the burden of a long term lease, rates, maintenance, power bills etc. Actually, self storage can be a pretty smart option. There are many advantages of having your own self storage unit and have someone else look after it for you.

Gateway Storage Unit Prices 2024

How much money can self storage save a small business?

Self storage units are a great way for small business owners to reduce costs. Businesses can use off-site storage to house tools, equipment, files, extra stock, supplies and more. Storage units are a cost effective and secure storage option, making them a great asset for businesses of all sizes. Whether in the process of moving business location, needing to decrease clutter in the office, or just looking for a more affordable storage solution, self storage is definitely worth considering.

As self storage units have a lower cost per square metre than most commercial properties, utilising a self storage facility to provide the extra space, as opposed to increasing the size of the commercial property, could save a business owner up to 60% on rent. Not only will they save on leasing costs, but they’ll save on the hidden costs including rates, power bills, maintenance etc.

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