Sometimes the run up to Christmas can be daunting; so much to do in so little time!  Often the feeling of stress and tension can be escalated by the clutter that accumulates around us at this time of year.  The old adage from an office environment of  “Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind” springs to mind, but creating space at home is equally as relevant.  Clearing clutter and finding somewhere to store it for the short term or long term, can be a relief.

At Gateway Storage, we have a huge range of unit sizes from 1m3 storage lockers, to 6x3m storage sheds, and every size in between.  If you’re wanting to create space to breathe at home, perhaps find a storage solution for overflow office furniture or documents, or just somewhere to store/hide the Christmas presents :-), we’d love to assist.  Contact us for help!


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